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‘Churchyards exist like small islands of time past in the midst of the modern world …. In Britain nearly all our lowland hay meadows, which once played host to wild flowers butterflies and wildlife in plenty have gone. Now the precious few remnants need to be treasured and conserved. In churchyards we can often find such remnants, possibly the only place in the parish where such life can be found. This is true of inner city areas as it is of rural churchyards.’
The Living Churchyard

All Saints Church and Churchyard Group (CCG) have created a wildlife area which was originally proposed in September 2000 and launched in November 2002 by marking out an area in the south-eastern corner of the churchyard. This has been established as a Spring Meadow by a regime of differential mowing, bird boxes have been erected and species of flora and fauna recorded. We have been greatly encouraged in our efforts by the support we have received and by becoming joint winners of the 2003 Yorkshire Living Churchyard Project Awards – Newcomer Category.

Although the wildlife area is small and in its infancy many interesting species have been recorded including Lady’s Smock, Lesser Celandine and Meadow Saxifrage.

The CCG is an active Group, with plans for future development included these information leaflets, permanent signs and use as an educational resource by the village primary school.
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07 October 2014